To realize your ideal heating process

IH (Induction Heating) is... ;
 1. Clean heating
 2. Pinpoint heating
 3. Non-contact heating

Alonics designs and manufactures IH system to realize customers' ideal processes such as brazing, soldering, shrinkfitting, and annealing using the wealth of knowledge and experience we have accumulated over many years in the field of high frequency and our expertise in many industries.

When we develop system, we listen to the customer's ideal processing in detail and propose content suitable for the requirements.

Product Sample

Movie "Induction Heating System for Beginners"

Why we recommend IH

IH offers various advantages over other heating methods.

Heating methodsConcernsAdvantages of IH
FlameCO2 emissionsSince no flame is used, it contributes to decarbonization (carbon neutral) efforts.
High temperatures affect the work environmentMinimal impact on the work environment due to heating only the necessary portion and time
Temperature control is difficultTemperature measurement feedback allows fast control of output
Requires skill to workEasy controllability prevents operator variability
FurnaceLarge footprintSmall footprint.
Power supply and heating coil can be installed far apart for effective use of space
Temperature rise takes time.Heats up immediately with a steep start-up (5 ms) after power-on
Resistance heatingDifficult to reproduceExcellent reproducibility with stable output

System configuration

IH system is not efficient even if only the power supply is considered.
The Balance and quick response of the power supply (generator), heating coil, and control device maximize the functionality of the system.

1. Power Supply (Inverter)

The core of an induction heating system is the power supply (Inverter).
An induction heating power supply generates a magnetic field around the heated object (work piece) by sending an alternating current through the heating coil.


The output and frequency of the power supply differ depending on the heating process required for the object to be heated (workpiece), such as the heating range and heating temperature.

IH power supply (Inverter)

Related device

Remote workhead
Remote workhead

It is a matching device that efficiently sends power to the heating coil. By installing it away from the power supply, you can use the workspace effectively.

Remote workhead

Cooling system
Cooling system

Water-cooled systems require a heat exchange mechanism to remove the heat generated by the system. ORION chillers, with their reliability and proven track record, are the best choice.

Cooling system

2. Heating coil

Heating coil

The AC current from the power supply generates Joule heat, which causes the metal in the coil to self-heat.
The key to an efficient process is an appropriate shape (round, helical, pancake-shaped, etc.) that matches the material of the work piece to be heated and the size of the area to be heated.

Heating coil

Related device

Heating furnace

Easy-to-handle furnaces are available for applications such as curing, brazing, soldering, melting, and drying.

Heating furnace

3. Control device

Control by temperature

Accurate temperature measurement through a radiation thermometer (Infrared Pyrometer), temperature controller, and instantaneous response allows for faster control of the power supply output and more precise processes.

Control via RS-485

Acquire process data, change settings, and send profiles.

eVIEW induction heating software

Visualize, analyze, and store process data from induction heating systems in real time.

eVIEW induction heating software

You will get the best IH solution

We can provide the best solution for your needs by selecting and designing the appropriate model for each devices, and by optimizing the design by combining each device in a well-balanced and effective manner.
In addition, the compact configuration of the system allows for easy integration into production lines.
We can even design and manufacture equipment for integration into production lines, so please feel free to contact us for more reliable and efficient production and research.